We meet once a month on Wednesday from April to October

Our volunteers are vital – without them we cannot run our sailing sessions

Volunteers help

  • Set up and rig the boats
  • Welcome and suport sailors
  • Pack up at the end of each session

New volunteers are paired with an experienced volunteer who will provide advice, support and show you what to do.

In addition,

  • our experienced sailors can take you for a sail in one of our specially adapted dinghies
  • our experienced rescue boat coxswains can take you out and show you how we provide safety cover

There is always an Officer On duty (OD) who will provide you will support and advice

We need volunteers to help between 12 and 5.30pm, but this can be split down to 12-2.30pm and 2.30 – 5.30pm

If you would like to volunteer, or find out more, please contact us




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